The fine sexual art of kissing can be one of the most pleasurable experiences you will share with your partner, whether you are lovers or just like each other a lot. It's also one of the first truly sexual experiences that most people encounter as they are growing up. Of course there's different types of kissing, but for the purpose of this site, I'll be talking about the type of kissing that carries sexual undertones. This means the pecks you give your mother don't count as far as this article is concerned. If you've never kissed anyone sexually, you might want to go ahead and read this article because this information just might come in handy some day. If you have, great, but maybe you'll learn something new that will be sure to spice up your romantic encounters. Kissing is a natural act, but many people are unable to just sit back and relax and cause their partners to see stars with their excellent kissing skills. Some people will be great at kissing, and others may never be more than average no matter how much they learn about the art. This doesn't really matter though, as long as you can learn to feel confident and be sure that your partner feels great about sharing this experience with you. There are several key points you can learn that will help you accomplish this: