Young Sex Club and all the sites of our network is conscious of the enormous reach that the Internet offers to its users. When acceding to our vestibule, you will have the opportunity to obtain immense volumes of information, to make friendships anywhere in the world, to enjoy technological and communitarian services and until making all type of product purchases and services in line and real time.
Young Sex Club and all the sites of our network has drawn up the firm conviction to jealously protect the private and personal information of their users. He is of vital importance us respecting and to protect this information, thus we have established the following declarations:

Declaration of Privacy:

Due to the importance that the privacy of its personal information has for us, ours websites will operate under basic principles who can, of time in time, to change to adapt itself to the changing character of Internet. We recommended to consult them periodically.

Young Sex affiliated Club and its sites will ask for personal information of their users like part of the recording process. This information includes its name, direction of electronic mail, age, sex, occupation, country of origin and I interest personal.

Young Sex Club also will be able to ask for personal information in other occasions like, for example, to You to participate in some aid or promotion sponsored by Young Sex Club or some of his partners, when he sends a classified announcement, when sending a listing of a Web site, when doing purchases through Young Sex Club Purchases and when you inform into some problem with our sites or services to us. Also we will be able to make surveys once in a while to evaluate internally I deal and the services that we offer. Young Sex Club will as far as possible allow to review him and to verify that this information is the correct one and most recent and at the same time will allow us to inform into new services and products to him in its network of websites.

Young Sex Club will be able to make use of cookies to control and to store his personal data. A cookie is a small volume of data that our Web server sends to his navigator. The cookie is stored in the hard disk of its computer. The cookies are used commonly to remember to us who you are and to be able to accesar the information of your account (stored in our equipment) thus to offer a better and more customized service to him, also we used these cookies to calculate the size of our hearing, to measure some parameters of traffic, to know the areas the network of websites of Young Sex Club visited by you. You have the possibility of accepting or not them cookies when changing the preferences of your navigator. You can reprogramar your navigator so that she does not accept cookies or so that she indicates to him when a cookie is being sent him to its computer. If you choose not to accept cookies, its experience when visiting ours website can be seen diminished and some of the services and options can not work as it is expected.

Young Sex Club will be able in some cases of providing this information to other companies related to us (secondary use) to offer additional goods and services to him. In these cases, Young Sex Club will provide to him with the option to block the possibility that we pruned to him to offer their personal information to other companies for secondary use.

It is important that he considers that in some cases websites that they also have connections with Young Sex Club and the advertisers in our network of websites can ask for personal information to him. The use that of this information those advertisers do or websites is not contemplated within the Policy of Confidentiality of Young Sex Club.

All the confidential information and disclosed nonsera protégée.
One verificacion of the sera email conducted to each envio.
Not envieis photos robbed of others webs. If the true proprietor of the photos (or the person in charge of the Web) deposits a claim, establecera a penal persecution against You.

The announcements with pornograficas photos of character or showing sex scenes you would seran discarded.

In agreement with settled down in our terms and conditions, Young Sex Club will be able to release to personal information of some (you) usuario(s) when we think that the Law requires or in consideration and without prejudice some of which such action is necessary to give fulfillment to the regulations of the law and/or to protect and/or to defend the operations, the rights of intellectual property of Young Sex Club, of their network of websites and/or of its users.
If it had some question in relation to our policy of privacy or if it considers that some of the sites of our network does not fulfill the principles described here, please diríjase to the Legal Department of Young Sex Club by electronic mail to @.com.


Due to the special conditions of the service, and in order to be able to serve most suitable at every moment, Young Sex Club will be able to modify the terms and conditions of the present agreement, notifying it to the Partner by means of the communication of the changes in the beginning screen, of way so that the Partner has knowledge of such before coming to the use from Young Sex Club.

The uninterrupted use of Young Sex Club on the part of the Partner will constitute a ratification of the present document, with the modifications and changes that had been introduced.


For the same reasons previously mentioned, Young Sex Club reserves the right to modify or to interrupt the Service Young Sex Club in everything or partly, being half-full or nonnotification to the Partner. Young Sex Club will not be responsible before the Partner nor before third by to have exercised his right to modify or to interrupt the Service Young Sex Club.


The Partner Specifically Accepts To assume Exclusively All Originating Risk Of The Use Of The Service Young Sex Club The Service Young Sex Club Offers On The Base Of " As well as He is " And " According to He is Available ".

Young Sex Club Does not guarantee That The Service Responds To the Requirements Of The Partner Nor Who The Service Is not interrupted Nor That Is Safe, Opportune Or Free Of Errors, As It either does not assure The Results That Obtain themselves From The Use Of The Service, Nor The Exactitude Or Reliability Of The Information Obtained Through The Service. HE EITHER DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE CORRECTION OF DEFECTS IN THE SERVICE.

Young Sex Club Specifically Denies To have offered Any Type Of Guarantee, Or Explicit Or Implicit, Including The Originating Implicit Guarantees Of The Title, Aptitude For The Sale, Adjustment For A Certain Aim And No-contravención.

The Partner Declares To have included/understood And To have accepted That Any Material And/or Information Unloaded Of The System Or Obtained Anyway Through The Use Of The Service Runs By Its Account And Risk And That Is To be The Only Person in charge By The Damages That Could Cause In Their Computer science System Or By The Loss Of Data Caused By The Unloading Of Material And/or Information.

Young Sex Club Guarantees No Of The Goods Neither Services Acquired Or Obtained Through The Service Nor The Transactions Made Through The Service.

No Recommendation Neither Information Obtained By A Partner, Directly De Young Sex Club Or Through The Service, Or In Oral Or Written Form, Will be able To constitute In Guarantee De Young Sex Club If It has not been assumed Here Specifically.


Young Sex Club Does not take responsibility By The Use Impossibility, Direct Or Indirect, Special, Incidental, Or Consequent The Interruption Of Businesses Nor The Damages Of Any Type (Including The Loss Of Benefits) Without Considering The Form In Which The Fact Had taken Place, Or Outside This one Contractual, Guilty One (Including Negligence), Responsibility By The Product Or Of Any Other Form, Even Supposing that Club Of The Possibility Of Such Damages Had been warned To Young Sex.


The use of the Service is personal for the Partner solely. The Partner ONLY CAN BE a PHYSICAL PERSON and not a company, society or corporation nor another form of commercial organization. The Partner accepts not to yield nor to make no type of commercial use of the Service without the express consent of Young Sex Club.

Conduct Of The Partner

The Partner is the only person in charge by the content of the transmissions through the Service. The use of the service on the part of the Partner is put under the laws and local, provincial, autonomic, national and international regulations.

The Partner will not prevent the use of the Service Young Sex Club of another Partner nor the use of similar services on the part of another organization. Young Sex Club Will be able, According to His Own Criterion, To give By Finished To the Service Young Sex Club In Immediate Form, If The Conduct Of The Partner Were not Agreed With These Terms And Conditions.


The Partner accepts to compensate and to exonerate of all responsibility to Young Sex Club, to his subsidiaries, affiliated, directive and employees, of any claim or demands, including reasonable honoraria of lawyers, presented/displayed by third as a result of the use of the Service Young Sex Club by the Partner, or the infraction on the part of the Partner to the settled down thing in the present agreement, as well as by the infraction by the Partner or another user of the Service Young Sex Club by means of the computer of the Partner, of the intellectual property, industrial or any other right of a physical or legal person.


As much the Partner as Young Sex Club will be able to give by finalized the Service at any time, without advance warning, with justification or without her, and such decision will be made effective immediately. Young Sex Club will not be responsible before the Partner nor before third by the completion for the Service Young Sex Club. In case of discord of the Partner to anyone of the terms and conditions of the present agreement or anyone of its modifications, or in case of not being satisfied with the Service Young Sex Club, the only immediate resource that fits to him is: (1) to interrupt the use of the service; (2) to cancel its subscription to the Service; and (3) to notify to Young Sex Club the completion. At the moment of the completion of the Service the rights of the Partner immediately stop to use the Service Young Sex Club and software.


All notification between the parts will have to take place and to be sent in writing or by email or the system of post office. Young Sex Club will be able to transmit notifications or messages through the Service in order to inform the present to the Partner about the changes introduced in agreement, the Service Young Sex Club or other subjects of importance. These transmissions will be considered like notifications the Partner.