First, let me say that the best way to learn about anal intercourse is to do it. Keep in mind that the ways of sharing sex must be developed; they don't spring fully formed into the mind. Yet the basic actions of intercourse are easy and simple, as they are for every kind of sex. That is, all the necessary information is already in you; you need only learn how to bring it out, to overcome any confusions and develop rapport with your partner(s). It's the prohibitions, the guilt and the complexities in our society and each of us that prevent us knowing and doing what we want. Again, it's a matter of good consciousness, feeling relaxed, and wanting to explore, to get into it.

Anal intercourse involves two people, who between them create the pleasures. At any one time, one person will have his penis in the other's ass; this may be reversed later on. One or both (or at certain times neither) persons will be moving. In the anal intercourse I will discuss, both partners want to engage in it, and they cooperate with each other. There's no such thing as a "passive" and an "active" role; there is no dominant and no submissive-these are false labels put on us by hostile outsiders. Ass fucking is an act of creation where two are together. There is a vast flexibility in who can do what, but there is no "one up/one down" mentality unless you want that.