Male masturbation techniques, when first viewed, may seem much simpler than similar techniques designed for females. The reason for this is simple- the penis is much more "accessible" than the female vulva, especially after sexual arousal. Here's some of the techniques you guys can learn about or experiment with, especially if you're like me and typically use just one or two simple techniques to get yourselves off. If a particular technique isn't working for you, remember to try both dry hands and lubricated hands, lubricated preferably with a water-based lubricant.

Getting warmed up

Men usually don't need to go through all the foreplay that women do in order to achieve a similar erotic state. This may be different depending on your age and your sex drive, and of course how long it has been since your last sexual activity, but for the most part men are always ready to go. However, for best results you should retire to a nice quiet place where you can concentrate on the task at hand, with whatever resources or materials you will need close by. I suggest some good magazines, KY Jelly, and some soothing music. An erotic train of thought, such as imagining that you're fucking someone really hot also helps, and often happens anyway. Hey, guys will be guys.